MykonosExplorer in Greek Language!

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Town of Mykonos!

There are
4 things you should know when visiting inside town.

"Don't miss Little Venice,
Delos island, the windmills
and Petros the pelican!"

Mykonos town

Lagrend creme

is to see Little Venice that is near Scarpa location. Ask!
There you can relax and drink a fresh juice.
Usually it is served in large glasses with large pieces
of summer fruits on.

Little Venice is also the best place of the island to enjoy
the sunset while you are safely near the sea.

Near Little Venice you'll also easily notice the 6 windmills
that masses of tourists take pictures.

Secondly, don't miss a little trip to Delos island.
It is very near Mykonos. Hourly departures with little boats
serve the public daily.

is a museum-island and an important archeological site
of Greece.
There are plenty of ancient monuments
only half an hour away from the little harbor that the boats arrive.

And last
but not least, see the famous pelican that is called

Petros is the last of a series of pelicans brought in the island
decades before.

Now he is part of the culture of the island.

You don't have to search for him, he will find you!
He usually is into narrow alleys and messes inside the crowd.
He likes fresh fish!

He is also a living symbol that represents the spirit of the island. 
is not the only pelican on the island.
He is surrounded by other pelicans and some are his girlfriends.

If you won't bring your vehicle and there is not much
of an explorer in you I recommend that you should consider
to rent a car, an ATV or any bike.

Scroll down and in the links section and there is a
map for you in case you need one.

You can find also in town, hotels and apartments with nice and clean rooms.

Eidiseis me videos apo tin kathimerinotita kai to internet


High Quality Video: 9:59"


Notice: You might see winds in videos. This is because it's September! And on the other hand Mykonos is called "island of the winds".




Long queue for taxi on high season

Winds are never inside town or beaches

No vehicles allowed in town

Desalination's water so buy bottles

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Lagrend creme