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Mykonos shops!

If we leave behind the colors of the town's houses, the rest
of the island's homes, the citizens' hospitality,
the ground's smell and the island's Mediterranean beauty,
then what's left is the local market design and decoration.

It is great how they matched the spirit of the island with
business decoration
as if the one is for the other a part
of the same coin.

Clean white-paint, the colored lights, fresh polished wood,
natural blond sand from the sea, stones brought from
the mainland, leather, satin, colored papers, the paintings,
the chairs
, the furniture or even the products themselves,
make Mykonos shines day or night for anyone that walks
in its alleys.

At the daylight fresh white-painted little home-like buildings
share the common look of Greek Cyclades.

When the lights go down, it's now Mykonos's time to
wake up and the residents will show the world how they care
and treat their job, the island and the tourism.


Mykonos salutes with style and welcomes all voyagers
passing by with a shiny smile, making sure you're going to have
a vacation you'll remember for life.

Eidiseis me videos apo tin kathimerinotita kai to internet


High Quality Video: 3:23"


Notice: This video is a short demo of the hundreds of shops that completes the summer spirit of the island. Each year numerous of newcomers investors change and refresh shops' style to a new one,
so Mykonos is never the same and you'll never get bored.




Expect to find just anything

Shops stay open till very late

Prices are a bit higher

"Souvlaki" is the cheapest Greek food