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Sailing to Mykonos!

Take a yacht or boat
Mykonos and make it
a start to a v
acation trip
Greek Cyclades.

"Travel and explore a large
group of beautiful islands!"

The decision was made. I would finally visit and explore Mykonos.

I climbed into the early morning bus arriving from Athens (Pedion Areos) to Rafina Harbor.

Bus ticket from Athens to Rafina Harbor

I bought the ticket inside the bus.
After 1 hour I arrived to Rafina.
It was early September and I found plenty of space in the ship.

I had the opportunity to search all over the boat and so I did. The Mykonos boat that was named 'Penelopy', arrives from Rafina harbor and is a clean ship.

Boat ticket to Mykonos

If you arrive from Rafina you can get to the island 1 hour
faster than from Piraeus harbor.

If you plan to use traditional transportation, like I did, this is
a nice way to travel while enjoying the 5 hours trip.

I shot the whole trip using an Olympus camera.



You can find and rent a yacht for some hundreds of dollars
an hourand start a trip to Cyclades (Mykonos belongs to
group of islands).

Take your family or your mate
and start exploring Greek islands from Athens, Piraeus
or directly from other islands to wherever you like.


You'll be rewarded because Greek islands are too many and
there is always something new to see.

This is a short 6 min video, shot into Mykonos ship during the
way from Rafina harbor (near Athens) up to Mykonos town.

Even though you obviously may be interested in the more practical
about the information on the island, this video is very representative of a trip on a ship.

So at least you might find it as amusing as I did
and it may awake your mood for a quick trip with a ship!

This page contains information, yacht links and a
video about my trip with Penelopy that was and is a public ship.

If you need information about getting' a simple ship - like I did - to Mykonos and not a yacht click here and read the left column that
contains info about ferries and simple ships of public
from Rafina or Piraeus harbors.

Eidiseis me videos apo tin kathimerinotita kai to internet


High Quality Video: 6:59"


Notice: This video was shot during the sailing from Rafina port
to Mykonos town. Right now it makes no dfference if you sail
from Piraeus port to Mykonos rather from Rafina.
Trip's duration is the same!




Wear a jacket

Visit the windy deck

Ask if there is Wi-Fi available

Do not jump into sea

travel with a boat to mykonos




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