MykonosExplorer in Greek Language!

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Mykonos pelican!

It was back in 1958 when a fisherman found this wounded pelican..

"An amazing bird with great colors!"


It flew from mainland to the island and after a great storm
it was found half dead.

The fisherman protected it with care and after
it had recovered the pelican became a resident.

It was fed by the local people of the island
and they named it Petros.

After a while it became the mascot of the island.

Some say that in 1986 Petros died when he was raped
by a drunk tourist.

Others say that he died on 2 December 1985.
He was run over by a car.

The point is that his loss was sudden and everyone
started to miss Petros.

He was so popular that some residents had to invent
a successor.

So they brought another pelican and another after the death
of that, and they named all, one after the other,
with the same name:


In honor of the first one!

It is easy to find him. He and his friends usually get
a shady nap near Nikos tavern.

Many people gather here and take photos or videos.

Now you can watch the video with the famous bird
in great moments.



Eidiseis me videos apo tin kathimerinotita kai to internet


High Quality Video: 3:47"


Notice: I can understand that watching videos
might be losing time sometimes but this video
might change your mind. It has plenty of
surprising moments of Petros. Enjoy!




Throw him a fish into his mouth

Touch him but be quick, he bites a bit

He can't eat from the ground

He usually carries his cell phone (joke)