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Play pelican game

Amuse yourself and watch an exclusive video of Petros the pelican of Mykonos!

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By sea
Ferries and High speed catamaran daily from Piraeus and Paros. Rafina port  (1 hour from Athens) also serve travelers and arrives 1.5 hours sooner. Flying Dolphins has a 3.5 hour trip for around 50 Euros each way. Also directly from Santorini by catamaran. You can also rent a yacht.

By air
Mykonos airport is about 4km away from town. It can be reached only by taxi. Regular flights for Athens and Thessaloniki by Olympic Airways, Aegean Airlines and Air Sea Lines. Charters on summer high season - directly to Mykonos from many European airports.



Rent a car, smart, scooter,  or an ATV,
Use local
bus or a taxi.
The local
bus, can get you to any point of Mykonos. Taxis' rates are pre-fixed. It is really difficult on high season  to find a taxi. Make sure if your ferry leaves from the old port or the new port that is about 10 km far from town. Know that there is a 3d port from where boats travel to and from Delos.


Vehicles are not allowed into Mykonos town. You can park though, outside the town and near it.



Delos island guided tour. Two boats ride away, and history awaits you. A must for all visitors.






Mykonos island!

tour. All the important tips you need to know for holidays.
Your travel guide of Mykonos.

"A trip to remember.
A vacation of dreams!"

Island's best parts through the eyes of an explorer. Learn what to expect, what you'll get, what you'll see before you visit Mykonos!
Your best tourist guide of Mykonos!

A genuine Greek island.

This was the first time I visited Mykonos island to view

the island not by its activities but by it's natural and by its citizens' given beauty.

Although Mykonos of Greece is a celebrities' resort for holidays, filled with a glamour that touches anyone, when I was walking in its narrow alleys, the last holidays I spent there, I found myself wondering, if the island is only for stars or those who try to be
some stars.

That was something that led me to what I later wanted to do. My object this year was to realize what was that exactly that made me admire Mykonos far beyond my imagination and much more.

After that, I secretly knew, what I was searching for and what I had to do to get it. I just had to catch a camera and travel there to shoot exactly what was on my mind.

I also, somehow knew, I should avoid capturing people on video as much as I could because mostly beaches, colors, houses, lights and decoration was my target.

I have to admit that people were always the large pie

of what made Mykonos island what it is now but the purpose of my visit was something completely different this time.

This summer I tried to focus and capture in videos,

why and how Mykonos shines and amaze voyagers.
Secondly I wanted to capture what the human touch had made to magnetize so many people for so many decades.


I secondly shot the most popular and important beaches.

I even captured the trip from the very first moment I left the homeland with the ship. But..let us see.

What is it that consists Greece in the eyes or the heart

of a voyager?

It might be, let's say, the sunny and warm Mediterranean weather. It might be, the hospitality perhaps.

Or is it the white houses and churches like the white stripes on the national flag?

Or even the deep sea or the sky's blue like the blue stripes on Greece's flag?

On the other hand I noticed that there is an elegant and unique beauty on how Mykonos local market like shops, restaurants and hotels are built and decorated.

I always wanted to capture and define those things. All those details combined with much sun, blonde sand and nice dressed people made Mykonos look like a shiny pearl in the sea.

Finally, I have to mention that this part of Greece is one of the most unimaginable places worldwide available for both budget and luxury trips.


Eidiseis me videos apo tin kathimerinotita kai to internet

Lagrend creme


Mykonos in history.

"History flashback. Let us find out how old
is this interesting place.."

Mykonos island in history

Ionians first settled on the island in the 11th century BC.

Remnants in Ftelia beach from the Neolithic Kares proves a tribe in Mykonos , in 3000 BC.

Zeus and the Gigantes fought in the island according mythology.


Island's name was given in honor of Apollo's grandson Mykons.


Back in ancient history, Delos island and Mykonos were highly populated and the last was a supply island with great importance.


Take nice clothes with you and a jacket
Take a video camera or a digit cam
Take a laptop with Wi-Fi
A girlfriend or boyfriend is optional
trip to Mykonos Greece

view about Mykonos.

"Everything looks like a masterpiece. Thousands of people each summer are attracted from its' beauty. White houses, blue sky, hot sun and crystal clear sea water all mixed together, consist this beautiful piece of land in Greece that shines like a pearl and blooms like a rose."

I was very busy this year's August and I wanted to avoid the mid-summer crowd so I visited Mykonos early in September.

Greek Cyclades
often get windy and Mykonos island is also called "the island of the winds".


Even though extreme winds often visit Mykonos they seem to vanish in every beach of the island so don't worry, you can do swim in calm. First comers get an island to explore and if you plan a trip of 5-10 days you'll never get bored.


Mykonos has cinemas, internet from wi-fi hotspots, water sports, up-to-date service in many hotels, many sightseeings, any kind of vehicles to rent, communication and technology at your service.

Mykonos also has premium and elegant hotels that charge 43000? for a night sleep but you can find also cheap hotels in Mykonos for summer vacations.

Get prepared to relax or to have fun until early morning.

The most beautiful people in the world gather here in Mykonos
of Greece so if you feel the same about yourself, join.

If you like luxury vacations or just simply a room and you know
how to have fun go ahead cause this is a trip for you.

World's top Dj's often visit Mykonos in Greece offering ecstatic moments.


So if you like mainstream music or even Greek music you'll never
forget the upcoming nights.

Mykonos of Greece is also a friendly area for gay couples
or gay singles, seeking to date or just to have fun.


Many travel agencies organize gay trips from all over the world. Mykonians offer much, sensitive and pure Greek hospitality.

They happily welcome everyone for a lovely vacation.


And now let's forget
the town's stress and start
sailing to the beautiful
Mykonos and explore the island.
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Bon voyage à Mykonos!



Lagrend creme